First off, thank you so much for the overwhelming support. Since our release back in October, we have had players, come to our site and play every single day through Alpha. With this, we have had our ups and our downs. However, through that we have strived to be on top as much as we can. Through this, you guys have been patient, and honestly, we can't thank you all enough.

Now, reviewing our current status of Alpha, we are going to remain in Alpha until our newest gamemode Crash is released. Once Crash is released, we will make sure there are no issues with it and then come out of Alpha and into Beta. Once in Beta, we will stock our webstore back up for players to withdraw skins.

This is a shorter update than the previous as we are pushed for time, however make note, changes are coming to Demise. We have had some great success starting out, and we want to continue to provide to those players who have been here since Day One.

- We have redone our layout and redesigned our theme for a more common theme across the spectrum.
- We took chat out of the left menu area and replaced it with an actual menu for easy navigation. The chat is now toggleable from the top bar which is now less crowded.
- We have added Coinflip and Roulette since our last update.
- We have added a successful maintenance page that when toggeled provides adequite information such as a countdown as to when we will be back online, since our last update, nothing has changed, Twitter & Steam posts will be posted prior to maintenance unless in case of an emergency where we are not able to post. In this case, we will update users as maintenance is preformed.

Launch - UpdatesPosted by: Detox@ 10:23 PM CST - 10/09/2016

CSGODemise is constantly working on new and entertaining stuff for users to participate in. This includes, new gamemodes, and constantly working on our system to ensure we have the most efficient and up to date system we can possibly have, with that being said, we are super extatic to be able to open our doors to players very soon. However, we are not always ahead of everything, we are in ALPHA as I post this, meaning bugs, errors, and glitches are going to be problematic until we know the issues and fix can fix them. Please bare patience with us.

With that being said, we have a fully functioning support section located under the Documents tab on the side bar called " Support," at any time that you encounter a error, glitch, bug or anything you feel is out of the ordinary, please submit a ticket. Failure to report such system-side errors and futher explotion of these errors will result in a permenant ban from our services. We do not tolerate users exploiting our system.

Now on to the more exciting information, we will be adding new gamemodes in the upcoming weeks, players can expect Coinflip to launch in the next 2-3 weeks, as well as Roulette coming in the next month hopefully. These two gamemodes will be added to our menu with our current gamemode Jackpot. In the future, we will have potential gamemodes such as Crash and Dice added to our system but these are not until we have perfected the current games planned to launch on our system.

We cannot stress the importance that users must be the age of 18 to participate on our website. This system is compliant with VALVE's TOS and as a result we would like to remain compliant. Users under the age of 18 will be banned for our website with no refunds. To ensure users that are participating on our website, we will preform random age checks in which users accounts will be locked from all site activity and they will need to open a ticket and provide adequite information to be able to play again. Users who do not open a ticket will remain locked until they decide to provide the required information. During this time, these users also will not be able to deposit or withdraw any credits for our site as their account again will be in a locked hiatus.

We are working to add new features, this includes a FREE CREDITS section as well as a REFERRAL section in which users will be able to set themselves a code and provide it to their friends for a free $0.50.

- We have completely redone our CSS layout to provide appealing and tasteful pleasure for players eyes.
- We have reduced the jackpot timer to 60 seconds to start on launch, once we have tested the stability of our servers, we will reduce this timer even further for rapid play.
- We have continued to work on stability and will continue to work on this as we release more and more games and take on a larger sum of players.
- We have opened a Steam group as well as a Twitter. During routinue maintenance, we will post this information here. For emergency maintenance, or unscheduled maintenance, please follow our Twitter, as this is the most efficient way of getting news out regarding our services. Our Twitter is not a direct line of support, however in some cases, support can be handeled over Twitter. In any case, regarding account-based support, we recommend our support ticket system in which the typical response is 12-36 Hours.